Rucking Gear – Keep It Simple

I can nerd out over things. If you know me, that won’t come as a shock to you. I like to know a lot about things.

For my upcoming GORUCK events, especially since I’m doing the Light Challenge and its 4-5 hours and not the 12 hours of the Tough event I’m really trying not to overthink it.

But for me that rides a fine line between




I’m trying not to get to the last one. I am immersed in podcasts, blogs, YouTube AARs (after action reports) and more at the moment. I want to make sure that I’m aware of what’s to come and more importantly that I train for it.

I know from my time in CrossFit that you can get into a stage of having all the gear in the world. And while much of it serves a purpose for some people, most of us don’t really need 3 jump ropes, 2 pair of knee sleeves, multiple wrist wraps, more than one belt, weight lifting shoes, each brand of CrossFit shoe, 7 pairs of hand grips, etc, etc, etc.

It’s easy to want to try all the things, but what really works best is finding something that works for you and sticking with it. It is, after all, the work that you put in that advances your ability to exercise a little better than the newest piece of gear.

Heading out for a 6.5 Miler. Sipped coffee for 2 miles before throwing the cup in the Rucker. 

All that being said, I’m doing a lot of reading and research on the “best” gear for GORUCK events and rucking in general. I’d like to learn from other people’s experience and just get a few good pieces that I can use over and over again. That’s why it took me a painstakingly long time to settle on the GORUCK Rucker. It’s a great pack and I’m just using it for Rucking. If I wanted to swap back and forth one bag for rucking and everyday use I’d have probably went with the 26L GR1.

I’ve read things from Ruck.Beer, All Day Ruckoff, and many more. Those sites are pure gold if you’re looking for rucking material.

I found this on a site that hasn’t been written on in 2 years. But I think it’s probably great advice.


Your primary goal here is to have fun. Don’t overthink it. If the weather is decent, just wear comfortable clothing that isn’t going to hold a lot of water. Bonus points for looking kinda ridiculous.”

The art of manliness has a post outlining mostly simple gear. So far I’m using simple gear.

I’ll have another blog on what bag I ended up with for use as my gym bag / travel bag.

As I find any gear that I think is a must I’ll probably write about it.

Current Gear Set Up:

Shirt – Whatever Dual or Tri blend shirt I have on. I haven’t tried a tech fabric yet, mostly because I hate teach fabrics but I do think they dry faster so I am going to have to pull out an UA shirt and give it a shot. Even if it’s only for events. Ugh.

Underwear – UA 9” Boxer Jock. The legs don’t ride up. These are my goto gym underwear and I haven’t had a reason to think I’d need to change.

Shorts – Whatever. Mostly I have Lulu shorts so I’ve mostly worn those.

Pants – UA sweat pants. I have a few pair of tech pants I’m about to try.

Shoes – Brooks Adrenaline – I’d like to try the brooks Glycerin for something with a little less arch support, and it’s what Road Runner Sports recommends in their shoe picker for me. I’d also like to try the MACV1 from GORUCK. .

Socks – Shout out to Ruck.Beer for the Toe Socks under a wool pair. I’m using the local company Farm to Feet hiking socks. I made the mistake of one Ruck with shitty cotton socks that I thought would keep my feet warm. It was a 4 miler. Hot spots formed after 2 miles and I’m lucky and blessed that I didn’t end that one with massive blisters. For now, I’m also back to adding a little duct tape before I start. I had to do that until my feet toughened up when I was at outback and I’m doing it again now.


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