Ruck & Learn – Taco Bell Edition

I feel like I should justify this, or start it with; “Look, I only eat Taco Bell about twice a year”.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, lets proceed. It’s just something about Taco Bell. I feel guilty for eating it because I know there are better choices. To be honest, there are way worse choices too.

However, just ask someone what happens after they eat Taco Bell. They have to go to the bathroom soon after, right? You’ve been there. One minute you’re finishing some tacos, and the next you really are running for something but it’s not the border.


A body knows when it shouldn’t have something in it, and of all the fast food choices in the world, Taco Bell seems to run through people like the Rio Grande, quicker than anything else.

The craving started after a 5 mile ruck on Saturday. If I’d just stopped and got a taco or two, I wouldn’t have learned this lesson. But I didn’t stop, I came home and ate a snack.

Sunday on the way home from church I still had a taste for taco’s so I grabbed a combo with 2 chalupas and a crunchy taco. Not long after that I was suited up and headed out for a 5 mile ruck.

I really needed to pee after about 2 miles, but the greenway bathrooms were locked up. I’m not sure if that’s a Sunday thing, or it was super cold, or what. Anyway, the next stop for that was at around mile 3.5. So onward I went. Since it was fairly chilly I had some tights and sweat pants on, a under armor heat gear top and a hoodie. So even though my stomach was starting to rumble at the stop, it was a porta john and I didn’t want to do anything else there. The last mile and a half and drive home were probably at a quicker pace that I would have liked to go since I was just out to get some miles in and not really to try and push it. I purposely think about the spacing of the bathrooms on the routes I take because that’s just something that seems smart to do.

I won’t soon forget that if I’m going to eat Taco Bell, I will give myself adequate time to do anything that needs to happen after the food goes in before I head out for any amount of rucking.

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