1st GORUCK Patch

It’s not my first patch ever, but it is the first parch that I did something to “Earn” it.

I found out about the GORUCK virtual ruck to benefit the Green Beret Foundation shortly before the registration closed.

There was an option to pledge either 10, 25 or 50 miles and make a donation. The donation was for the patch and the rest was a fundraiser and the miles were on you. On the honor system.

25 and 50 miles in a month seemed daunting (see future post on Resolution Ruck) so I signed up for something I knew I could complete in December.

I did the rucks. Got the miles and yesterday this sweet patch arrived.

I may not have earned it in way you earn an event patch, with rucking, PT and more. But I love a fundraiser. I loved the challenge of pledging the miles and getting some rucks in to get it done.

Kudos to GORUCK for doing events like this that support a great cause and giving us a way to participate.

Here are a few photos from the rucks for the GBF. I learned early on that good socks were so important.

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