War of the WODs 2019 Photos, Recap & Workouts

War of the WODs 2019 photos of the gym crew, and team Benchwarmers( Kevin and I).

CrossFit Ridzo had over 20 teams and it was great to compete with such a good friend.

Shout out to my dad for being there all day taking photos of everyone. If it weren’t for him Kevin and I would have a total of 2 photos and the only one of me I’m in the background of someone else’s photo.




In case you’ve stumbled onto this little corner of the internet and don’t know me, you should know that myself and most of the folks at my gym compete for fun. It’s great to partner up and get out there and try your best. I don’t have expectations of winning or coming close, but it is fun to push yourself and be surrounded by your friends from the gym. Team competitions are the way to go. Individual ones, if you stop to rest, it’s just you. Teammates can often work while you are resting and vice versa. It’s way better.

CrossFit Ridzo has had a strong contingent at War of the WODs for the last 3 years. I know the last 2 years we’ve had right at 20 teams. That’s phenomenal. I did like last year when there was a beginner team option in addition to scaled and Rx. I really think most competitions should have Scaled, Intermediate and Rx. That would help a lot of folks out. But like I said, most of us are going for the experience and for fun. I can’t wait to see everyone out on the competition floor giving it their all.

Event Recap:

I really don’t like being overly negative. So let me start by saying how proud I am of everyone from CrossFit Ridzo. They stepped out onto the floor, gave it their all, kept smiling and maintained a positive attitude all day long.

As per the actual competition I don’t have much positive to say.

Prior to the competition you were supposed to ask workout specific questions via the facebook page. And that seemed to work for a little while. The first question I asked (for my benefit and the fact that several people from Ridzo had asked me) was answered. The next one was not. I waited a few days. Deleted the post, asked again and tagged the event. It was never answered. The only way I was able to get an answer to that question was directly message one of the gym owners. Who told me I was supposed to ask it on the page, and when I told him I did, then he answered it for me.

3 Members from my gym emailed a question that was never answered.

As we got closer to the competition we got emails telling us how long the owners were having to work daily (14 hours if you were wondering) to get ready for the event. I’ve put on events, and generally know that participants are paying you for the event experience, not to hear how much you have to work to make it happen. And other excuses like the tents fell down because it rained so much. Side note, fire your tent company. They put those tents up with subpar stakes for the size of the tents. I’ve used 20×30 tents. They should be staked in so well it would take a hurricane to move them.

Speaking of the heated tents were spectators were supposed to stay, there weren’t enough of them. Then they let people inside, we’ll get to that in a second. The heated tent’s ran out of propane for the heaters and it wasn’t replenished. Anyone in the tents after mid day, just sat on muddy ground in the cold.

Lunch was not provided. It has been in every other WOW I participated in. I heard from multiple people that moving the location to a smaller space, cramming people in like sardines and not providing lunch for the same cost was not a welcome change. See the Facebook reviews for this years event if you want a sampling of more on that.

We were told people could not bring chairs inside, but since the organizers grossly underestimated the amount of people at the event, when the 2 tents were full people were allowed inside. It was crowded the first half of the day but became unbearably crowded after they changed the layout of the floor at took away almost all the spectator space for the second half of the day. The fire Marshall would have probably shut down the competition and fined the hell out of CrossFit Greensboro. You couldn’t hardly move in there during the afternoon. The warm up “area” was a joke. After letting people inside and having that many teams there there were spectators in the area. Other athletes with no regard for their fellow competitors were lying in that area or foam rolling, etc.

They ran out of T-Shirts in sizes people ordered since they didn’t prestuff bags. And they’ve bragged about how great their bag was in the past. Ha. A donated shaker bottle, at least it was a quality one and a shirt. Cool. That’s not something worth bragging about. Speaking of the shirt, I’ve heard multiple people say if it’s going to be a baseball T, how about make a no shirt option. Not everyone likes those. And if it is going to be a baseball T how about do some color other than the one from just 2 years ago. I know this sounds like a lot of complaining, and it is. It wasn’t a well run event, it was disappointing.

Volunteers weren’t even provided a shirt this year. Volunteers also were over worked since they were short. And many didn’t have great standards. Judges not knowing what the rep schemes were. Judges that couldn’t count double unders some greatly benefited and some were hampered by this. Events with all sorts of extra equipment laying around it and if you wanted to use the right weight for you event, well, you better man up and go find the weights you need for your barbell because no one else is going to do that.

Things go so far behind schedule that at one point people could pretty much just go out on the floor whenever they wanted too. Other points they were a solid hour and 15 minutes or so behind schedule. It was the worst logistical operations for an event that I’ve been a part of. I’ve personally helped put on cycling events for over 1,500 people. I’ve never ran a CrossFit competition of this size but have helped at College Hill. The competitions were smaller in scale but wods were built with appropriate times between heats and the heats were on schedule. If someone gets a few minutes behind that’s acceptable. But 3-5 minutes behind, every single heat. That should be unacceptable.

The follow up email had some other golden nuggets. Like thanking the people that provided positive feedback. How about thanking everyone for any feedback as that’s a way to learn and grow. They did admit to having challenges, but then to go and thank those who told them how good it was.

They are toying with the idea of Indy comp one weekend and a team one another weekend. That only works in my mind if they do Rx one day and Scaled the next. That might be okay. But the also talked about limiting spectators. That’s a deal breaker for me. If we can’t have anyone that wants to come out and support their friends and family, this gets away from why CrossFit Ridzo competes.

“Please remember, we do this for you”. HAHAHAHAHA. You do it for me, so I can give you money. Hell, I do it for you, more than you do it for me.

We got an email saying there might not be enough parking. The night before the competition. 10 hours before we had to be there! Bullshit like that sends me over the edge.

I’ve complained enough for one evening. I ranted about things before the comp to my parents for an hour.  I’m just a logistical, analytical and detail oriented person when it comes to events. This was lacking in all those areas. Tara asked me why I was writing all this. I said maybe one day I will want to look back and see my thoughts on the 2019 War of the WODs. Right now, I think that Ridzo was awesome. Things were so far behind schedule but people stayed positive. The spectator area, being behind schedule, and other things made it a shit show of an event, but all things considered I’m still glad I was there. I got to see 2 friends get their first muscle up. I got to see people do their first competition. I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for CrossFit Ridzo, for a great partner, for my dad being there and getting to see him smile after the workouts we did. It wasn’t all bad. There were lots of good things.


Team Work Out #1
“Infinity Stones”
1 Min at each station
Ski Erg- Max Calories
Bike- Max Calories
Ground to overhead – Max RepsTBA
Run – Max Calories
Row – Max Calories
Tank Push- Measured Distance


Team Work Out #2
“Black Panther”
Switch partners as often as you like
Rx: 40 Double Unders/20 Dumbbell
Snatches Alternating/20 Lunges Holding
Dumbbell Overhead/10 HSPU/ 5 Ring
Muscle ups
Scaled: 80 Singles or 40 Double
Unders(must choose one or the other)/20
Dumbbell Snatches Alternating/20 Lunges
Holding Dumbbell Overhead/20 HRPU


Team Work Out #3
5 Min Time Cap
Each athlete must get a max power snatch,
hang snatch, overhead squat without putting
the bar down. Score is both weights added
Add 1lb for every burpee box jump over
completed: 24”/20”
Rx Teams must jump burpee and onto the
Scaled teams can step
Coed Rx 24” box
Coed Scaled 20” box


Team Work Out #4
“Black Widow”
One partner works for 2 minutes then
switches with the other partner and starts
over at the cleans. Score is total reps of
6 Clusters(Clean into a thruster)
12 Over the bar burpees
18 Wall Balls
Max Chest to bar pull-ups for the remaining
time in the 2 min.
Rx: 135#/95# 30#/20# Ball to the 10’/9’
Must jump the burpee and the bar
Scaled: 95#/65# 20#/14# to the 10’/9’
Don’t have to jump up the burpee
Regular pull-ups

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