GORUCK May Challenge – Honoring Service

This month the virtual GORUCK challenge is 5 workouts in appreciation of those who serve.

Teachers. Firefighters. Police. EMS. Military.

I started with the teacher workout. With my beautiful wife being a teacher, it was a no brainer to start with this one.

The plank hold was probably the hardest part of this one. Lunges got challenging. Miles added up since I did a Heavy Drop workout immediately prior to doing this.

Next up was the Fire Workout. Hands down 100m of Bear Crawling was the hardest part of this one. I’m glad they were in there because it was great practice.

Knocked out the EMS one as the third one. It was the shortest one of the month. Did it before a CrossFit class. It went well.

The Leo Workout wasn’t the longest one but was probably the most challenging one for me. I did it after a long day of work, then a few hours of yardwork. It was on the schedule and I was determined to do it so it was done on the treadmill. I’m thankful we have it but I really don’t enjoy rucking on it anywhere near as much as I do outside. Push ups and Sit Ups were not with a ruck to simulate the APFT.

Second time I’ve done 12 miles. It was a little quicker than the last one but was still a grind. After 2 miles I knew that it was going to feel like a long haul. I’m glad I took my older shoes out because wearing the newer Cascadia’s I would have DNF’d. They were hurting my feet and killing my calves. Switch to the old Adrenalines and things were fine for the rest of the miles.

12 miles for this and a Pathfinder Training Challenge! With a Light this weekend, I wanted to get this done so it wouldn’t have to be on one of the last few days of the month. I probably won’t do 12 again until the 12 mile Star Course in Charlotte on June 22nd.

May GORUCK Challenge is complete.

I’m ready to see what June will bring.

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