10 months? The bad thing about blogging.

How has it been 10 months since I’ve written anything?

I guess, because, the worst part about having a blog is wanting to tell too much, with too many words and then all of a sudden there isn’t enough time in any given day to do something like that. So you just don’t write. And you really want to write about the next thing but feel guilty you haven’t written about the last thing. So you don’t write about that either.

Then getting the photos inserted, that takes time too.

And the thought, this is mainly for me, I’m not actively trying to get readers to this site, so what’s the real purpose.

Well, anyway, it’s been 10 months. A lot has happened. Maybe that’s a post too.

I’ve missed documenting, but it’s hard to go back in time and catch up on everything.

In listening to the David Goggins book, he brought up AAR’s for goals / events/ etc.

I think that blogging about days or weeks or events can be a great way to lay out your after action report and build towards the future and either success or continued success.


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