PR City

I’ve been on a monster of a tear lately. Really seeing some gains in the box. 

I’ve PR’d my OHS, my clean, my jerk, my & squat snatch. The technique plus added focus from the lifting class has helped a lot of those. 

My best moment was a retest of a workout called Macho Man. 

Every Min on the Minute
3 Power Cleans / 3 Front Squats / 3 Jerks
In the 11th minute go to 4s, 12th 5s etc

Last time we tested this was a week before I broke my wrist. I went at a decently light weight of 95# and made it 7 rounds and 7 reps. (Macho Man – First Time)

This time I made it 12 rounds and 17 reps. At the same weight! Fella’s, I’ve never left the gym feeling so damn good. 

All of those PR’s above are real PR’s. Not post injury PR’s. So although my wrist won’t let me do everything I want to, and I still have some ways to go to get flexibility to where it needs to be I’ve really had some great improvements.

WOD 41: Nancy 5.27.14


High-Hang Snatch (High Hang Squat Snatch)


Nancy (Time)
5 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats, 95# / 65#

I took last week mostly off. I worked some extra shifts at Outback to have some extra cash for CrossFit’s Regional’s, so I didn’t work out as much. Back in the gym today. 
The High Hang Snatch was a good workout for developing the extension on the snatch and I got more comfortable with Overhead squats. I believe I PR’d that with 85 pounds. Sending the butt back before going down in the OHS makes such a huge difference. 
First time doing the benchmark workout Nancy. I went with 65 # OHS and did pretty well with that, they weren’t great but better than I expected for the first few rounds and tougher for the last 3. Going into the workout I thought the squats would be the tough part but the running really kicked my ass today. I walked a little bit in the last few runs and that shouldn’t happen in 400m runs. 
Time was 21:52

WOD 39: 5.16.14


Overhead Squat (6×3 climbing)


Metcon (Time)
10 Pull Ups

RX+ (155/105)
RX (135/95)


Not a workout I was terribly excited about as I’m not good at either movement. Overhead squats are tough for me because my back is tight. I will say it’s getting better but the amount of weight I can do with those OHS is still pretty limited. But that’s one reason I went, I’m not great at those movements so they need more work.

And since I got my first pull up yesterday I knew I would be modifying those as well.

I worked up to 75 pounds with OHS in the weightlifting and I believe that was probably a PR but I was trying to really focus on technique.

For the Metcon I did it in just under 7 minutes. I did 65 for the OHS and did a jumping pullup with a slow decline to full extension.

Riding Tour de Lions tomorrow. Shooting for 40 miles. The the College Hill CrossFit kickball game and cookout. Going to be a great Saturday!

WOD 36 – 5.12.14


Snatch Complex (6 x 3)
6 Climbing Sets:
Power Snatch + OHS + Hang Squat Snatch


Metcon (Time)
3 RFT:
400 M Run
8 KB Snatches Each Arm
16 Burpee Box Jumps

RX – (24/16) (24/20)

After a tough mothers day shift at Outback (that’s the busiest day of the year for restaurants) I wasn’t sure if I’d be making it to the gym today. But I did, and as per usual when I get there I feel a lot better. 

OHS are going to be added to the list of skills I’m going to focus on more often because they just suck. 
I worked up to 95lb on the complex.

Did the Metcon in 16:28. Did step ups to 20″ box as my left knee was hurting and a 16kb. 

Tough wod but kept moving and didn’t have to stop and suck air during the burpees, so that was good. 

Did a little more work on doubles before class today, I didn’t do a lot because I just wasn’t feeling it today. Back at it tomorrow.