Great Day! 21-15-9 Cleans / Burpees

Today was 1 rep max power clean. I got 10 pounds more than last week when I was working in it. Still can’t really turn the wrist good and the weights get heavy fast. 115 today failed at 125 a few times. 
Then for the metcon 
Power Clean
I went with 75# which is 10 more than grace last week but still heavy enough I couldn’t go unbroken. I am really please with my effort today. I just kept moving. In the competition I had that was like this but had deads / burpees the burpees slowed me down more. 
9 minutes which was the fastest non Rx time (RX was 155). I fully understand that my weights were lighter than many but with the way i stayed consistent I feel really good about today.