Lululemon T.H.E. Short 11" Review

I remember the day I first ventured into the world of Lululemon athletic wear. Memorial day 2015. After we did “Murph” at my crossfit gym I went with a friend. You see almost everyone at College Hill Crossfit is a devoted wearer of lululemon and I’d held out for well over a year. I tried on the Core Short and was hooked. Within a month I owned 5 pairs of Core shorts and stopped wearing every other kind of shorts I had. Recently I was told the Core short was being phased out for a new version of T.H.E short and I was heartbroken. 

How could they take the best short I’ve ever worn and simply toss it aside like one does an empty can of Kill Cliff? The hidden cell phone pocket, the amazing comfort, they were just awesome shorts. Unlike many of the short offerings at Lulu the core shorts had an 11″ inseam for those of us that like our shorts knee length and not a little to a lot shorter than that. I wore these shorts for everything, going out, being at home, work (I work from home), wods….literally EVERYTHING!

I reluctantly went and tried on the new version of “T.H.E. Short”, now made in an 11″ inseam version (what the Core short had been).  Much to my surprise I loved these new shorts. The pockets are deeper and slightly more functional, the cell phone pocket may be gone but there is now a small zippered pocket, perfect for your phone or a small wallet and the fact you can zip it in is certainly a plus. The other aspects of the short seem very similar to the core short and I’m very happy with the pair I purchased. I look forward to growing my collection of T.H.E. shorts now. 

Kudos to you Lululemon. Sometimes when things change, it actually is for the better. 

The color shown below is “linen texture white battleship” and it looks amazing in person. (All photos from the Lululemon website)