Oh My Quads


This could be the title of any post regarding a workout that contains a Bike. Specifically the Rogue Echo Bike.



10 Hang Power Clean

20 Cal Bike

Weights were: Rx 155 / R+185 / R++205

Actual look inside my quads as I finished the workout.

The bike does amazing things to your body. Increases massive blood flow to the legs, spikes the heart rate, etc.

The workout went well. I broke the cleans in half for 2 rounds and 5/3/2 in the final round.

Looking back, maybe I could have rested less between sets. Because I felt like the bike pace was pretty good. 75 rpm round one, 65ish, round 2, then the struggle bus of round 3, 60 rpm for 15 caps then picked it up.

As I withered on the floor for a few minutes I couldn’t move. HR was jacked and over 160 right after the wod and had come down to the 130s after a few minutes.

Now, even though I’m well versed in CrossFit is you versus yourself before it’s anything else, I still have times where I struggle with that. The thoughts go like, “wow, I thought I crushed that and then I was beaten by someone by this much time”.

I’m not unhappy that someone posted a great time, but those moments make me question if I should be happy with my effort. Was it good enough? Should I have went harder? Rested less? And I suppose that those can be good introspective questions as long as it doesn’t consume you or get you down about something else. Give it what you have for that day and leave satisfied.

It can be hard to remember that for 95% of the CrossFit world this is about slow progress towards a life of health and fitness. I won’t be going to the CF games, but I can be the best version of myself.

If you find yourself falling into the leaderboard trap, take a step back. Look at yourself. What are your goals? What is your “why”. Keep pushing yourself for small progress and over time we will lead happy, healthy lives.